Wellhope shifang city industrial park, agricultural chemicals, Sichuan province, China.

How to make you believe in agricultural science

Agricultural chemical industry always adhere to spare no effort to make customer partners¡£Even though you have never dealt with us£¬We are continuous efforts£¬You will be my relationship closer¡£I hope you see agricultural trying to do everything£¬That we make you believe in agricultural science¡£
Agricultural science

Quality and technology

We have20Years of potassium nitrate production experience£¬We put almost all energy on the product quality£¬¡£Only to win the customer's thumb£¬That's purpose¡£

Agricultural science

Agricultural customers

All of our information from customer£¬Where the customer refers to£¬We will play to where¡£Without customers there would be no today's agricultural£¬Customer is the real god here£¡

Agricultural science

Green agricultural science

Climbing out of agricultural from the fields of National People's Congress£¬Green is rooted in the spirit of agricultural underneath¡£Our production keep zero emissions£¬Advocate in recycling system¡£

Agricultural science

Agricultural safety

Safety is the major premise of industrial production£¬We create a safe work environment£¬For every staff to achieve the protection¡£This is the first responsibility£¬The first duty£¡

Agricultural science

The technology of agricultural

Agricultural chemicals20Years of technical experience in the production of potassium nitrate¡£During the training a lot of good¡¢Sharp technical personnel£¬They will be on technology¡£

Agricultural science

Young agricultural science

The Times call us£¬Agricultural chemical industry will be full of vitality£¬In the potassium nitrate this road more walk more quickly¡¢More walk more deep¡¢More walk more good£¡

Our products

Here are a few stars of agricultural products£¬The product details, please click on the product center or view¡£




Cooperation with our partners

Agricultural believed in the power of partners£¬Not only is a customer
  1. Wuliangye
  2. Guoguang agrochemical
    Guoguang agrochemical
  3. Alibaba
  4. Baidu
  5. LuTianHua
  6. Sichuan meifeng
    Sichuan meifeng
  7. South bo group
    South bo group

Agricultural chemicals£¬How to do it

How we will make a great achievement£¬Dream start for the future£¡

Agricultural science

As the industry leader in potassium nitrate agricultural chemical industry co., LTD£¬Created by double decomposition method for the core technology system¡£Agricultural chemical industry to make all business sharing technology¡¢The market¡¢The structure and intelligence£¬Every effort to promote innovative applications¡£Understanding of agricultural potassium nitrate industry£¬About industrial language£¬With talent¡¢Service¡¢Technology and scale£¬For customers to create extraordinary results¡£

Each of the agricultural chemical made or will make achievements£¬Due to all the special effort¡£

  • Agricultural see each employee's ability£¬Let each employee in a suitable position
  • Agricultural achievements£¬Effort from each and every one¡£We grow up together
  • ¡°Ecomagination¡±Promise to make production more green¡£We through some solutions£¬Create a green world

   Agricultural images

   Here are some pictures of agricultural plant£¬See more images, please click on the factory pictures¡£

  • Agricultural office The office
  • Agricultural science laboratory Laboratory
  • Agricultural environment The green lawn
  • Agricultural compounds Compounds
  • Agricultural products

    Here are some agricultural products£¬To view more images, please click on the product center¡£



    • Water soluble fertilizer Shu soft water soluble fertilizer type of a large number of elements
    • Water soluble fertilizer Shu da feng high nitrogen element water soluble fertilizer
    • Nitrogen potash Nitrogen potash
    • Agricultural potassium nitrate Agricultural potassium nitrate